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That’s an affirmative, fucking Holdon

Holy crap! The passenger is driving!

Lololololol, there are some countries that do drive on the other side of the road, Christopher Columbus didn’t pull over here on his way to the new word

Oh some people! Funny story, I used to work with a guy who’s mate had a left hand drive yank car. Driving back from a car show with a passenger (in the right hand seat) who was absolutely drunk as a skunk, they got pulled into a police road-side breath test. Drunk passenger winds down his window and the cop asks how many drinks he’s had tonight while preparing the breatho. “Aww fuckin’ loads mate!” The cop then asked him to take his keys out of the ignition and step out of the car. It took the cop a little bit before he realised something was wrong and then told them to bugger off!

Too funny, can just imagine that coppers expression, duh

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